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Houston Hounds Win the Big Easy Classic!

For the second year in a row the Hounds take home the title!

The Houston Hounds


In just two short years the Hounds have helped 23+ players achieve their goal of playing at the NCAA level.  We've sent players to D1, D2 & D3 programs. Our program has proven we can help with that, but we also realize we can help the community at the same time.  Selling parents on recruiting is a simple pitch, but what about the individual growth of a young person?

Please consider joining our program.  We understand you have a number of options, but consider being part of something bigger and the impact it can have; do it while competing at a high level. 



Join the Hounds!

In just two years the Hounds have proven we can play high-level lacrosse.

8 Tournament Titles in 2 seasons (all ages)

24 NCAA College Commits