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The Hounds join the Fight!

The Houston Hounds are proud to announce we are now affiliated with the famous Brady's Bunch Lacrosse.  Brady's Bunch is 501 (c) Non-Profit dedicated to fighting childhood cancer.  

We Play for Someone Else!

Portions of your registration are donated to local Houston charities.  Players not only participate in local and national lacrosse events but, also learn life lessons by donating their time to local hospitals.   The program will donate toys and players will donate their time to kids who are less fortunate. 

When you play for the  Hounds you play for something bigger.  There are a lot of programs in the area, but only one is dedicated to building the player and the person by helping those in need.  Be part of something bigger! Make a difference in the life of a child fighting cancer.

Ask your club where the profit goes?  Who benefits? With the Hounds, it goes to your community, your neighbors, and maybe your family.  It goes to fight cancer- it doesn't go into the pockets of an owner.

As an affiliate of Brady's Bunch now gives our players the ability to continue their winning ways locally, and now nationally.  Our players can join players from 36 different states & Canada while playing at the highest level.

Our coaches range from High School Head Coaches to MLL Head Coaches.  The Brady Bunch training team will be coming to our area to conduct multiple training sessions.   At every training session players are asked to bring a minimum $10 gift card, that is donated to a child with cancer, so they can spend it on a new toy, making their day a little brighter.

In just two short years the Hounds have helped 23+ players achieve their goal of playing at the NCAA level.  We've sent players to D1, D2 & D3 programs. Our program has proven we can help with that, but we also realize we can help the community at the same time.  Selling parents on recruiting is a simple pitch, but what about the individual growth of a young person?

Please consider joining our program.  We understand you have a number of options, but consider being part of something bigger and the impact it can have; do it while competing at a high level. 



Brady's Bunch- Meet Brady!

Join the Hounds; Join a Cause!

In just two years the Hounds have proven we can play high-level lacrosse.

7 Tournament Titles in 2 seasons (all ages)

24 NCAA College Commits

Now you can join the Hounds and be part of something bigger than just lacrosse.  Do something that makes an impact in life.  

Join us and help Brady's Bunch/Hounds fight childhood cancer!

Registration is Now Open!

Click on the link above to register for the 2018 summer season.